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Dangerous Due to Drinking too Much Water

Danger Due To Drinking Too Much Water
"JENNIFER STRANGE (28 years), a woman from California died after drinking the water contestsponsored by a local radio in California (2007). He managed to drink and spend 2 gallons of water or equivalent to 7.6 liters of water at the pageant. From the results of the autopsy, Strangeconsumes too much water and quick so the other nutrients in the body be dissolved. “

Is it true that drinking too much water is dangerous for the body?.

Water into the main needs for the body, because our body is largely composed of water. On average each person has 60% of the water from the weight of his body. The body requires waterto replace the fluids are diminished when we work. Most lost when we have activity in the form ofsweat, urine, or tears.
Dangerous Due to Drinking too Much Water

All systems in the body also depends by the water. Water will rinse toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to the cells of the body, and keep the moisture for the network. The water serves to assist the work of organs, cells and tissues in the body. Water will neutralize the toxins from the body. When we do heavy activity and exercise, then the body metabolism will increase because ofwork to supply oxygen and energy throughout the body. We will also contract the muscles and blood vessels will be widened. As a result the flow of blood will flow more quickly. Themetabolism results out in the form of sweat. As a result our bodies could be a shortage of the liquid.

Although water is required, but be careful when consuming water, because when most will givethe effect is not good for the body. Of which will damage the kidneys and most fatal impact evenas death. Report Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia (EAH) notes there are approximately 1600cases died in the entire world due to excessive water drinking.

Result Of Too Much Drinking Water

What happens to our bodies when we are far too much to drink?

1. Ruin the Composition of blood
Blood has blood plasma with blood viscosity levels physiologically in the body that aremeasurable. When many drink then dikawatirkan will interfere with the levels of blood viscosity.More broadly would interfere with the circulatory system in our bodies.

2. Increase the amount of blood volume
When blood volume is increased it will interfere with the performance of the heart and vascularsystem (closed system). The volume of water that will increase with increasing pressure on theblood vessel system that covered it. These conditions will make kidney organ work extra hard toreduce the amount of water in the blood circulation in the body.

3. Improve The Performance of the kidneys should
The body has the function of the kidneys to filter out any fluid that enters the body. Kidney function as an organ of this filter exists on the glomerulus. When a lot of fluid must be filtered, then the load received kidneys will be even greater. When this too often makaglomerulus can bedamaged which causes various diseases of the kidney.

4. Body Experience Hiponatraemia
Hiponatraemia is an abnormal condition in the body, where the shortage of blood sodium levels(levels of salt). Kidneys unable to memfilternya quickly. Sodium is a mineral electrolyte that helpsregulate the amount of water content within and around the cells of the body. When too muchdrinking water, will cause the sodium in the body becomes diluted. Sodium or sodium is one of the essential minerals for the body, as the keeper of the salt levels in the blood.

A deficiency of sodium in the body can lead to decreased blood volume so that blood pressuredeclines, but heart rate increased sharply. Normally konsentrasinatrium in the blood ranged from135 – 145 milmol/liter. But in the concentration of sodium kondisihiponatraemia is less thanmilmol/135 liters. As a result the fluid levels in the body increases, and cells can experienceswelling.

5. Swelling of cells
This cell swelling due to increased levels of sodium in the body can trigger the problem. When this occurs on brain cells will then could cause health problems. A deficiency of sodium or minimalhiponatraemia conditions can cause easy sleepy. But if there is a deficiency of sodium in a timely,this can result in water intoxication resulting in nausea, often urinasi (pee), mental disorientation, fainting, seizures, brainstem respiratory system disturbed, disrupted, and can even cause death.Intoxication (or water poisoning) is a result of pembekakan on brain cells this is electrolyte imbalance.

6. The case of poisoning of water (Water Intoxication).
Also known as hyper-hydration or overhydration, is potential interference in the functioning of the brain that occurs when the electrolyte balance is disturbed due to consuming too much water.The case of Jennifer Strange at the start, causing it to experience a coma and sudden death due toBrain swelling. This condition is quite rare occurring in the general population, but high risk occurs at long distance running athletes or runners marathon. The athlete should consume a sports drink during a workout or race. Water intoxication can also occur due to the danger of drinking water refillunhygienic.

Tips To Consume Water
Humans are consuming the recommended 8 glasses of water (eight) or about 2 liters of water a day to meet the needs of the fluid. A lot wrong in translating it, then drink in large quantities at once. From the health side of things is not recommended because it will will create increased blood volume, which will overload the work of the heart and the kidneys. The heart will pumpblood faster, and the kidneys will be forced to quickly filter it more quickly.

Some of the following tips can be used to meet the needs of water per day.

Drink water to taste and Reasonable. Not too much and not too little. Seimbangkan between water needs with body fluids while spending activity, light exercise, such as weight or exercise run marathon. Drink Not Coinciding. When it is advisable to consume white water as much as 2-4 litres per day, instead of consumption while at the same time. That number still included with the amount of water in the food or drink that much water contains such as soup, soup, milk, fruit, or water in a pure drink. Drinking Gradually. Drink the water gradually, not all at once in one time. For example, one (1) morning when glass bagun bed, 1 (one) glass at breakfast in the morning, 1 (one) glass of wartime lunch, 1 (one) a glass at dinner, 1 (one) glass of time towards the bed. Sick People Are Different. Recommended by consuming 2-4 litres of water per day is applicable only for healthy people. Those who have health problems such as kidney sufferers surely must limit the amount of white water consumption so as not too much. Don't Wait For Thirst. When doing sports, not having to wait until the new thirsty to drink. So even though have not felt thirsty and hungry, keep eating and drinking. When no external relationships will be very dangerous. When Sports Drinks. At a time when not exercising, someone else needs to be drinking enough. We recommend in this State who drink plain water only. Drinks were not hot nor cold. Do Not Drink Excessively Depleted. When running out of the sport, antidiuretik hormone vasopressin will increase. The body will tend to retain water in the body so that not much came out. When we drink water in large quantities, there will be a lot of urinasi. When you consume too much water as a result would be fatal because of the case. Herbal Remedies. People who take herbal remedies suggested drinking plenty of water. Many herbal remedies contain macromolecules that can interfere with the function of filtration in the kidneys.

Many of us who drink excess water because the want to take benefit of running mates. Logically,the more water then the water will menggelontor all the residues in the kidney. When water needsper person are very different depending on certain conditions such as weather, physical activity, diet, weight, gender and health conditions. The more advanced age, renal conditions we aremakin a difference. Drink according to needs and conditions of each of us.

Joseph Verbalis of Georgetown University Medical Centre and the International Marathon MedicalDirectors Assocition (IMMDA) suggest a drink to treat your thirst. "Drink to your thirst. It's the bestindicator. " Thirst and thirst the right indicator is that we need to drink. Drink water when you are thirsty and thirst, and drink water to taste because the result is less drinking can also be bad forthe health.