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This is The Reason You Should Check Your Blood Sugar or Diabetes While Pregnant

This is the reason you should check your blood sugar or Diabetes while pregnant
-gestasional diabetes during pregnancy can strike the mother who was pregnant. For that reason, doctorsadvise pregnant women to do blood sugar checks as early detection.

Dr. Em Yunir, SpPD-KEMD, Chief of the Endocrine Metabolic Division, Department of internal medicine, Faculty of medicine University of Indonesia-RS Cipto Mangunkusumo says there is already a guide for pregnant women to check their blood sugar. At a minimum, pregnant mothersblood sugar checked 2 times during pregnancy.

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"So during pregnancy age 24 weeks we recommend to check the blood sugar. If normal, checkedagain when the 32 weeks of gestational age. If when checked a second time could be callednormal do not risk experiencing diabetes, "said Dr. gestasional Yunir, in the appointment of the media Sun Life Financial in Taman Sari Heritage Spa, Jl. Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta, Thursday (12/11/2015).

Pregnant Check up

But if pregnant women turned out high blood sugar when checked, the doctor will provide furtherhandling. First, pregnant women will be given drugs to control their blood sugar, as well as supplyto keep your eating patterns.

"But if it's been given medication but still high, it is not impossible we will give insulin. The granting of this nature are not insulin continuously, until the blood sugar back to normal, "he explained.

Dr. Yunir also added that pregnant women who have diabetes gestasional not then make it sopeople with diabetes and requires treatment of chronical. After birth, the mother's blood sugarwill usually return to normal.

But research shows one-third of mothers who have experienced gestasional diabetes at risk ofbecoming diabetic patients in 5 years into the future. To that end, doctors recommend thatpregnant women who have diabetes gestasional to run a healthy lifestyle after the birth.

"As much as possible to restore body weight became normal like before getting pregnant. Also doregular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, "he added.

Diabetes gestasional is not deadly, but at high risk when mothers make it difficult labor. Someconditions such as high blood eklampsia tensi and haunting the mother have diabetesgestasional.