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This Man Get Sucess Diet Because Eating Pizza

Quoted from news.com.au on Saturday, January 29, 2016, cooks it managed to lose up to 42 pounds by eating a high-calorie food types. Pasquale Cozzolino (38), originally from Naples, Italy, go on a diet of pizza!

The man was moved to the city of New York in 2011 to work in PizzArte in Midtown. New, unsuspected briefly in the u.s. He has gain weight. Men's 198 metre tall weighed 115 pounds when she first came to the us.

His waist size was increased because he ventured into a number of restaurants and eating snacks to deal with stress.
"I was able to menyemil 10 to 12 Oreos," he said.
Later, he moved to the restaurant in the East Village area Ribalta and became head chef.
Succes diet by eating the pizza

"One time, I once spent 1 large box of Oreo alone. Like a drug for me. " Not only that, she downed two or three cans of soda per day. Yet entering his body weight of 2012, already 167 pounds and reach his pants waist size is 128 centimeters.
When he visited his family in Italy, people don't know him anymore. He felt left out, mentally and physical.
"I suffer from the problem of 2.4, backs, and then there are 3 peptic ulcers," he recalls his weight on the issue. He even brought difficulties to the Park because of the balitanya barely able to walk. Strong warning came in June 2015, when the doctor came to the family Cozzolino's Upper East Side.
"Dokterku said, ' you need to lose weight or you'll get a heart attack," imbuh Cozzolino.

He never had to diet before, but intent on regaining his old body. The chef that calculate BMI and suspect that if he supplied under 2700 calories per day, so he can lose weight.
According to nutritionist Amy Shapiro, a man the age of 30s with a medium height 1800 to 2200 requires 190cm calories per day to lose weight. Meanwhile, women need 1400 to 1800 calories.
Cozzolino stop food sweets and drink soda and eat half portion is usually with a focus on the Mediterranian diet containing fruits and vegetables — from the menu of the restaurant.

Pizza margherita helps lose weight because the duration of fermentation and type toppingnya. (Source account ckoastoria on Instagram) For lunch every day, he was eating a pizza margherita intact. Although it seems contrary to the diet plan, he explained that this Neapolitan-style dishes is not the same as the regular New York-style dishes.

The bagel ingredients made only from water, flour, yeast, and salt — without the butter or fat — and the toppingnya light-light, for example fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and an thin sprinkling of basil leaves.
What's more, the bagel ingredients ferment during 36 hours so that the process reduces the amount of natural sugar and leaving only complex carbohydrates that are healthier, easier to digest, and help keep feeling full.
"Food that keep us feeling full, and because it contains only 540 to 570 calories, food becomes a fast and precise solutions for lunch or dinner."

In addition, he complements his diet with kickboxing classes 2 or 3 times a week near his home in Long Island City in Queens district.
In addition to regulating foods, this head chef do the sport of kickboxing. (Source account ckoastoria on Instagram)
Pizza taste also helped him survive with that diet.

"Pizza was helping him avoid junk snacks. If we eat pizza, we don't need to eat another. "
To be honest, her diet was not as easy as that. At first, she often felt dizzy and favourites. But, after the first month, her body adjust and weigh began to fall. After 3 months, he has sent down 18 pounds.

She was on a vacation to Naples and became more and more inspired after seeing the men seen fit at the beach.
"Initially, I was depressed, but it was very motivating."
Then he lowered to 24 pounds more.
"I'm happy. My face turns. I have a lot of power. My stomach is nice. I no longer experience peptic ulcers. 2.4 back and I am not sick anymore. "

This man lose weight by eating pizza and sports. A comparison of before and after a diet. (Source news.com.au)
Lately, some of his customers do not recognize it anymore because big changes on him. "They said, ' you look great, look fabulous ' — and it adds motivation."

His waist size is now 36.

"I am very happy if my experience can help a person to achieve a better life."