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Surprising Facts About Bacteria That Make Your Diet Was Fail

Are you sure you've been doing the diet properly? By taking the right nutritional foods and exercising is constituted.

But it turns out that it is not enough, said Professor Tim Spector, a Genetic Epidemiologist teaching at King's College London.

Bacteria Diet

Using a research method that is capable of, he reveals the role of bacteria and microbes in weight loss, as well as how the wrong diet and the new outbreak of antibiotic drugs that both organisms the destroyer.

According to Tim Spector, of the results of the study a decade ago, found the relationship of digestive bacteria as a marker of obesity and as a cause. But the society and the modern diet types ruin the good bacteria.

Especially with the new outbreak of an antibiotic, an increase in the birth of Caesar, and our obsession to cleanliness.

Quoted from News.com.au on Thursday (26/2/2016), author of The book ' The Diet Myth'itu then gave shocking information related to the influence of microbes that often make a failed diet.