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The benefits of Frangipani Flowers For Body Health

The benefits of the frangipani Flowers For body health
Frangipani flowers (Plumeria rubra Acutifolia. L.cv.) is a plant originating from the tropical Americas and Africa. Frangipani including ornamental plants were planted in the grounds of the House or in the pot. Frangipani has several types, there are dwarf there is also large which canreach a height of several meters. The great plain of frangipani was planted in the place of the funeral.

In addition to the size of the tree, the tree species of Frangipani can also be distinguished from the leaves. There is a wide tree leaves frangipani with the other end of the taper, there is a small andleaves Frangipani oval with a blunt tip. Hibiscus flower of frangipani has a variety of colors,ranging from white, yellow, red and pink or a combination of those colors.

Same as other ornamental plants, such as flowers and jasmine flowers, flower of Frangipani also spread a distinctive fragrance. In addition to the useful as ornamental plants, flower of frangipaniis also often used as a folk remedy for tackling several diseases. Include ulcers, gonorrhea(premenstrual syndrome), swelling, warts, calluses, smooth skin and frambusia.

Parts of plants used as medicine is the root, leaves, SAP, as well as the skin of the tree. The SAP ofthe tree (Plumeria acuminata) Frangipani contains similar compounds, rubber, triterpenoid amyrin,lupeol, kautscuk and resin. Mrnguapnya oil content consists of geraniol, farnesol, linallol,sitronellol and fenetilalkohol.
Frangipani flowers benefits

Benefit of Frangipani Flowers for Body Healty

Here are some examples of how the treatment using the interest of frangipani.

1. Treat Boils
To treat ulcers with Frangipani, can be done in two ways. The first way uses leaves Frangipani andcoconut oil. Leaves Frangipani dilemaskan and smeared with coconut oil, and then tacked on abody part that overgrown boils. After replace with dry leaves in the other.
The second way, using the SAP of a tree of Frangipani. Take SAP Frangipani directly from the treeand smeared on parts of the body covered with sores.

2. Address The Swelling
How to treat a swollen body parts is with tree bark. The trick, take 1 shingle tree bark Frangipanithen pounded until fine. Boil the water with half the pot to boil. The water used to soak a swollenbody parts if possible. If not, use for compresses an unused.

3. Frambusia
The trick, take 2 Shingles skin Frangipani, then finely crushed and boiled with water to boiling pot1. The water used for bathing and rubbing body parts are wound.

4. Gonorrhea
Wash clean 1 piece of the root tree of Frangipani, kemduian boiled with two glasses of water to the boil and remaining 1 Cup. The herb drink water once a day for as much as 1 Cup.

5. Treat the Sick Cavities
To treat dental cavities due to sait, it's easy. Take the tree SAP of Frangipani using cotton, then thecotton used for dental mencocok cavities.

6. Remove Moles
Moles can add to the beauty of the face of a person, but it can also be annoying. If you have a mole that is annoying, can be eliminated by use of Frangipanin tree SAP. The trick, take the SAPFrangipani using cotton, then paste on moles. Do routinely to moles disappear.

7. Remove Warts
Here's how the same as removing a mole, i.e. using the SAP of Frangipani. However must be alertbecause SAP Frangipani to its sharp, so don't get exposed to other parts of the body.

The interest of Frangipani is indeed rich in deposits of emollient and vitamin e. other than for treatment, Frangipani is also beneficial for beauty, especially the beauty treatments of the skin.This exotic flower gives sensation moisturizes, softens, as well as add nutrients and maintain skin elasticity.