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Parents Must Have Medical Tecords of The Child

Parents must have medical records of the child
A history of the disease since the kids are important to note by parents. Medical record will be very useful in helping doctors diagnose the illness and provide appropriate treatment.

"The history of child diseases, allergy, immunization history, a history of congenital diseases, it must be noted by parents," said doctor Melyarna's daughter in the event the launch application "Share" Lifebuoy in Jakarta, Thursday (29/1/2016)

Doctor Mel exemplifies, if children have a history of allergies to certain medicines, will certainly beinformation for doctors in performing the handling when the pain came back.
Medical records

Medical record certainly also helps parents be more sensitive when the child is sick. For example,if the child ever smallpox, then it may still be exposed to smallpox for the second time. Mel says asecond time, smallpox is usually accompanied by pain and worse could happen.

"Note the history of the disease also can prevent sick children is bad, because the handling is done could be more precise," continued Mel, who is an editorial team of medical klikdokter.com it.

By Mel, in this digital age, parents can record the child's medical record on the mobile phone. One of them is by using the application in the "sharing".

"There is a sick child's diary to record a history of pain and parents can get information of diseases of article klikdokter.com, the data from the medical trusted journal," explained Mel.