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Press Reaction Phobia With High Blood Medications

Wear high blood Medications, scientists Could Press Reaction Phobia-there is good news for those who have a specific phobia because it seems scientists have managed to find a way that can be used to suppress the fear. Thus it is expected ahead of the impact of emotions a person because fobianya can be lost.
Studies conducted by scientists from the University of Amsterdam shows that people with phobiasspider can show different behavior when given the drug propranolol. The drug is widely used forhigh blood condition and including the beta blockers.
Press Reaction Phobia With High Blood Medications

Study leader Dr. Merel Kindt from Department of Psychology says that the study was inspired bythe theory of ' rekonsolidasi ' by Dr. Joseph LeDoux 15 years ago. The bottom line is when amemory (in this case the fear of something) teraktifkan, it can be modified fundamentallystrengthened or weakened by the granting of certain medications.

To 45 participants with Spider phobia, Kindt drug propranolol to induce amnesia. Here's how the participants divided into two groups and then were both summoned spiders recently asked for adrink of medicine with one group drank the medicine in question as a control.

For those who received propranolol, look there is a drastic change in the attitude of rejecting thespider. Participants cannot trouble physically close with animals and this effect is calledresearchers can last up to a year later.

"Here we show for the first time that the drugs given simultaneously with amnesia activationmemory can change the behavior to avoid approaching behavior so at those with phobic spider.This is more like a new way of operating rather than therapy, "Kindt said in remarks quoted fromthe press and the Daily Mail on Monday (14/12/2015).

"Currently patients with anxiety disorder and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-red) had to do a lot of cognitive behaviour therapy or taking medication regularly in order to reduce symptoms.This is only a proposed intervention involves consumption of the drug only once with the drasticeffects that last a long time, "he continued.#
Related studies have been published in the journal Biological Psychiatry and many other worldresearchers commented that what is done by Kindt may just be fore the changing practice ofpsychotherapy.