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Stress Makes Rapid hair loss and Graying, myth or fact?

Stress Makes Rapid hair loss and Graying, myth or fact?-a hair color which turns into white aka hoary judged reasonable when it occurs in olderpeople. When it thus occurs in those who still belongs to the young, fast-greying hair are caused due to excess stress?

Some research suggests that stress is not a direct cause of gray hair. The reason, could not beruled out anyway if the damage to the DNA in the cells that produce the pigment in hair coloralso plays a role in the growth of gray hair faster.

It revealed Amy McMichael, m.d., Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Health,Winston-Salem, North California. McMichael asserts could be just stress within a certain periodthe possibility of causing acceleration of the appearance of gray hair in some people.

"But it's just speculation and I have not found the presence of scientific research that shows this," stated McMichael as cited from Web MD, Friday (30/1/2016).

In addition to grey hair, stress is also believed to be causing the hair to fall out more easily.Responding to this, Paradi Mirmirani, MD, a dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group,Vallejo, California, says it all depends on the type of stress is experienced.

Stress due to come home late or a heavy workload according to Mirmirani will not cause someoneexperiencing hair loss. In the short term, stress won't affect your body in such a way as tobermanifsetasi in the form of hair loss.

"Bigger than that can occur. Stress can make you less sleep, appetite changes, and increasedstress hormones. During practice as a dermatologist, the myth of relationship between stress withlots of hair I have heard though that sound very silly, "added McMichael.

He said, to date there is no evidence to support the idea that just because you are having a stressful day to day for a few weeks then afterwards will be a lot of hair loss.