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4 Red Onion Chemical Composition For Body Health

4 chemical composition of the red onion To body health
Many people are less so like makanbawang red by reason of fear of her mouth odor, or because itdidn't like the taste. But on the other hand, behind all its shortcomings, the onion offers a lot ofbenefits for the health of the body.

Some Of The chemical composition Of Red Onion
Based on the research results, the onion has some important content that rarely exist invegetables or other food ingredients. Contents the role to promote better health. Some of themare:

4 Red Onion Chemical Composition Benefits For Health

Red onion chemical composition

Onions contain quercetin which is called an antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory as well. The existence of such content, the onion is believed could help prevent the occurrence ofcancer. In addition, quercetin was also assessed in the potent cure a cold or the flu.

In addition to quercetin, there is also content of allicin which is beneficial for maintaining heart health. According to the study, eating onion is routinely known can help lower blood pressure and keeping it in a normal point. In addition, the Allicin contained therein are also able to helpovercome dandruff.

Studies show that red onions contain organosulphur compounds, namely, high sulfur which effectively can help overcome the gastric cancer and prostate cancer. These compounds could create a protective layer when the body is told against cancer in the stomach and prostate gland.

Onionin A
Herbs that are often involved in the diverse cuisine of Indonesia is known to also contain Onionina. this compound is quite effective for reducing inflammation and pain caused by various diseases.The presence of Onionin Adiyakini was able to reduce the pain either permanent or temporary.Eating red onions regularly will also help cope with allergies, asthma, and arthritis (inflammation of joints).

Thus, there is good news for those of you who don't like onions started to reconsider to give it a try. For the initial stage, you can involving right on your favorite dishes, such as chicken satay.Generally chicken satay also included sliced red onion as a complement. You can also involving right to other foods.