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Ginger is a Plant Many Benefits and Efficacy

Ginger is a plant many benefits and efficacy-
Who is not familiar with ginger? Plant this one already known as one of the original spice indonesia rich benefits. In addition to the leaves used as a seasoning, the root also helps relievemany of the symptoms of the disease.

"Ginger's own beneficial for health, in terms of preventive and promotif. Since time immemorial, Ginger is used to warm the body at once have anti-inflammatory properties, "said Dr. Raymond RTjandrawinata, Executive Director of Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS)#
History mentions the plant with the latin name Zingiber officinale comes from Southeast Asia.However, its release was already internationally since the 5000 years ago and is also found in China, India and the Arabian peninsula, the islands of the Caribbean to Africa.
Ginger benefit and efficacy

The ancient Romans are known to have a special attraction towards ginger. Ginger is used for any purpose, ranging from a culinary drink maker, materials, the treatment of wounds up to as the mixture in a water bath.

The use of ginger itself varies depending on the culture. In Europe and India, spicy sensationsevoked make ginger leaves used as a beverage and culinary.

While in Indonesia, the roots and Rhizome of ginger that is widely used for treatment. Starting from the ground, made into tea, until smeared for healing, the use of very creamy ginger root in the community.