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The Special Diet For Blood Type O

This is not only useful for those who want to lose weight. Almost all owners of blood type O is obligated to pay attention to healthy foods that can be consumed and foods they should avoid. If you are one of those people who have a blood type O or a zero, maybe now is the time you recognize healthy diet what is suitable for your body and your body. By eating the right foods, you'll be healthier and away from the ills that plague. Intrigued with his food? The followingreviews in short for you;
The Special Diet For Blood Type O

Let's do a healthy diet blood type o

Healthy Diet Blood Type O-Side Dishes

The food is perfect for owners of blood type O is red meat and other meat of farmed poultry, such as chicken, and so on. Specifically for red meat, you can get it from cattle or other grazingmammals. Meanwhile, the owner of the blood type O it is strongly recommended to avoid pork and quail. Look for foods that contain lots of omega 3.#
Tips: For who has blood type O and want to lose weight, it is better to calculate the ideal body weight first.

Not all fish can be consumed by the owner of the blood type o. food such as abalone, Octopus,and squid are better avoided due to lack of fit. Instead, the side dishes could be consumed from fish that are refrigerated fish or any kind of fresh fish. You can also eat mackerel. In order to live more healthy you can eat fish every day as a side dish.

To maintain his health, owner of blood type O can also consume a variety of foods made frommilk. Is yogurt, goat's milk, butter, and cheese (low fat) which can be consumed because it is good for the body. On the contrary, unhealthy cheese, cow milk, yogurt made from cow's milk is alsobetter avoided. Although the consumption of dairy products is allowed, it should be limited so that the body is always healthy.

Side dishes for healthy diet blood type O is the egg. Foods that contain lots of protein is indeedgood for human health, almost all the blood entering the egg in a list of foods that should beconsumed. But still, kind of eggs consumed are not the same. Specific to the owner of the blood type O, the eggs are free-range chicken eggs and duck eggs females. Two eggs is very suitable forYou who want to make a healthy diet in accordance with blood type. If you want to lose your weight, use eggs as a healthy breakfast menu. You can also prepare it healthily andmengonsumsinya as 6 rounds in one week. Instead, the quail egg is an egg that should be avoided.

Well, some foods can make You the inspiration side dishes for healthy diet blood type o. so as not to get bored, you can cultivate food above with your creations, as long as it is healthy.

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