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Saltwater can Treat Flu

Salt water can cure flu-Flu is a disease that can be cured with itself (self limiting disease). Even though it can be cured with itself, gargling with salt solutions can overcome the accompanying symptoms, such as coughing and sore the throat.
But if you do not want to be too dependent on drugs, There are ways to relieve symptoms of colds (common cold) coughing, sneezing and sore throat. Materials It takes a very simple, simply use the salt the kitchen only.
saltwater can treat flu

Quoted from NY Times, Wednesday (29/9/2010), solution of table salt the interesting nature of the liquid so that it can excrete excess fluid in the area of the throat that is experiencing inflammation. Not will only reduce the inflammation, the salt will also relieve the pain thereof.
In addition, salt solutions will also dilute the mucus or phlegm that clog the respiratory tract. Slime the diluted will be easily excluded, so that could bring allergy-causing substances and even fungi or bacteria if There is an infection.

These tips are proven to be efficacious in random testing against 400 cold sufferers in America. Observations during the the winter that lasted 60 days, participants who gargling with a solution of salt 3 times a day experience decrease symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections by as much as 40 percent.
The research was never published in the publications of The
The American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005. For best results, experts from the Mayo Clinic recommend in order to make half teaspoon dissolved in a cup full of warm water. Use it to gargle for bebreapa seconds before it was issued, did as much as 3 times a day.If you don't like the taste too salty, salt can replaced with lemon or honey. Drank together and not need to be issued, can be directly ingested after gargling.