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I,m Depressed

I'm Depressed
By: Joana Amaro

People say bring up.
But I simply want jilting.
People say smile and it'll all depart.
But I want crying daily.
Everything takes effort to try and do
This constant pain is therefore laborious to measure through.
Lye in bed and see the day morning.

Hate myself for arousal that morning.
I apprehend i want facilitate and i do know i want support
don't wanna pay my life feeling this manner, it's simply to short
But I simply cannot appear to talk out.
Say what this feelings all concerning.

Even if I did tell somebody what might they do?
I don't assume they may fix this, do you?
I'm therefore sick and uninterested in feeling this manner
I want to smile and laugh for real and be happy every
and every day
There's generally within the day once I ignore it all
When I smile and laugh, however once I bear in mind it's sort of a ten thousand foot fall

Do you apprehend what its like for your eye's to perpetually
Do you apprehend what it's wish to be happy and at the
same time feel nothing
I don't assume I might finish it while not living the remainder of my life.

See my mind and body shudders once I think about choosing
up a knife
But i actually do not feel like I will stick with it this manner
Feeling therefore low and empty every and everyday
It's so laborious on behalf of me to admit to myself precisely what is wrong
Hard on behalf of me to point out myself that i am not that robust
This idea of happiness, you'll say i am a bit obsessed
But i feel immediately I finally see.... i am so depressed right now.